Power of networking

According to many job researches, 80% or more get their jobs thanks to networking.

How to start? Practise with your friends or neighbours. Thanks to this exercise, I found out my neighbour can do a great manicure and I found a guy that will be helping us in carrying and constructing our wardrobe.

More examples? Out of my 5 jobs, 3 I found because of networking and recommendations.

Of course, being a networking master does not happen in 1 day. You need to feel comfortable and confident to do it. You need some patience and motivations. All these ingredients for a perfect networking recipe.

Next time you would like to find a transport, cleaning company or a job just..  don’t be afraid of talking! Go to some events, smile to your neighbours and coworkers and you will feel then the power of networking…

In case of any questions, comment on this blog or write me an email: kasiaschiller@recruitmentinanutschell.blog

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