Working hard or looking for a job for a long time? Take a breather…

Dear Job seekers and those who habe jobs,

When working o looking for a long time for a job and you think you are getting obsessed… you are not alone.

During these small holiday I am spending outside Switzerland, I decided to tell you how important it is to have a break ftom everything… even from looking for jobs…

The article from The Muse which I posted below gives a few reasons why you should sometimes take a break from job seeking:

I really do believe that if we work too hard, even when we are unemployed and try to find a job, we can stop being efficient. We start repeating the same schema, even mistakes, and we fall into a trap. We might even start being depressed because of working too much on finding a job.

Doing a small break from work or from searching for a job will help us in reboosting our energy. We can even start being more creative at work or whilst looking for a job. In my case, when I was unemployed and was only looking for jobs in e-learning, taking small holiday allowed me to think about alternative solutions. This is how I ended up in technical recruitment – connecting my passion for geeky world and the eagerness of helping people. This is how I changed my attitude to recruitment even now. I decided yo also being involved in more training, e-learning and other projects when not wanting to be too repetitive when head hunting.

This being said, dear employees and those who did not find yet your dream jobs: go for holiday somewhere further from where you live, even if it is 100km and only for 4 days. It will make a difference, I swear to you. You will get back to work/job seeking with lots of many creative solutions to your questions.

What matters during interviews?

Summer time is supposed to be pretty calm in the recruitment world. Many managers and candidates are on holiday, people seem to be more relaxed and do not have hiring fever…

This summer is different, many things are happening not only in my company but also in my friend’s lives – they get at least a couple of interviews. As I want to guide you in the interview process, I invite you to read the article below:

It is written by Mrs. Samantha McLaren who, like she mentions on her LinkedIn profile, is “Editorial Lead & Copywriter by Day, Horror Critic by Night”. 

Samantha mentions that 92% of people hiring think that soft skills are more important then hard skills. She also mentions different interview techniques to check candidate’s skills e.g. behavioral questions, situational questions, projects, technical questions and even reading body language. Later on she gives some tips to people who are hiring, how to check people’s soft skills.

I invite you to read this article so you can be in hiring manager’s head for a little bit. There are many techniques of checking candidate’s knowledge and soft skills. One thing you should not forget is… to be yourself. Interviews are very artificial, not only for the interviewees but also for the interviewers. Of course, we have to prepare for them. But it does not mean we should have a sort of script that we should learn by heart. We should be comfortable with answers to some typical questions and we should know the STAR method, but we also should not pretend we are somebody else. If we have a feeling the job/responsibilities are not for us, we should mention it straight forward.

For all other tips who are more specific and concern most of all behavioral interviews, I invite you to read my post which you can find by clicking on this link.

What is your experience with the interviews and interviewers? Where you already in hiring manager’s shoes? How did it go, was it difficult? Do you have any examples of interviews that surprised you? Please write a comment and let’s exchange some ideas, tips on how to be successful as a candidate but also as an interviewer. And… good luck with all the future interviews 🙂

Photos by Bored Panda and Reddit.

Unexpected networking ideas when looking for jobs

Dear Readers,

I started refreshing my blog and decided to post here more regularly. The content will be for both job seekers and recruiters.

Recently I bumped into an interesting article about unexpected networking sources, you can read it here:

The author, Laura Byrne, who is an Owner of Communications Company in Australia, talks about unexpected networking sources when looking for candidates/jobs. She mentions e.g. your fitness instructor, everybody who smiles at you when you cross the street, your neighbors, dentists, elder generation of grandparents etc.

I agree with Laura 100%. Networking starts… at home. Let’s say you have a husband who works in IT and your company is looking for good C# Engineers. Why not to ask him if he can recommend somebody. Parents have also really big possibilities of networking. If you are a single father looking for a new job, why not start with talking to some other parents during e.g. a birthday party and checking if they know somebody who is recruiting now?

You know how I found some of my jobs/candidates? You would not believe it. My third job was a recommendation of one of my friends when I just found out that another company was leaving Geneva market where I used to live. How much it took me to find this job? Literally 4 days.

One of my candidates that got a job in one of key players in pharma a few years ago was somebody that was recommended to me by my neighbor. My sister found one of her last jobs by talking to a friend of her husband.

So I will repeat one more time: if you are not networking, you are not working. And it is not only to find a new job. You can have a nice chat with a friend from your local football team to find out that they rent a nice house for a good price in Canary Island where you always wanted to go. Or like in my case, you can just step into a small shop in a French village as you saw that the owner was pretty sad and start talking to him and find out that he also likes to play Fifa  and start playing together online.

Good luck and remember: never give up. Looking for jobs is very hard, but you can make it.

"This business is all about relationships. The guy who whitens my teeth is a cousin of the guy who does my Hair implants and his Sister-in-Law does my Botox."