Unexpected networking ideas when looking for jobs

Dear Readers,

I started refreshing my blog and decided to post here more regularly. The content will be for both job seekers and recruiters.

Recently I bumped into an interesting article about unexpected networking sources, you can read it here:


The author, Laura Byrne, who is an Owner of Communications Company in Australia, talks about unexpected networking sources when looking for candidates/jobs. She mentions e.g. your fitness instructor, everybody who smiles at you when you cross the street, your neighbors, dentists, elder generation of grandparents etc.

I agree with Laura 100%. Networking starts… at home. Let’s say you have a husband who works in IT and your company is looking for good C# Engineers. Why not to ask him if he can recommend somebody. Parents have also really big possibilities of networking. If you are a single father looking for a new job, why not start with talking to some other parents during e.g. a birthday party and checking if they know somebody who is recruiting now?

You know how I found some of my jobs/candidates? You would not believe it. My third job was a recommendation of one of my friends when I just found out that another company was leaving Geneva market where I used to live. How much it took me to find this job? Literally 4 days.

One of my candidates that got a job in one of key players in pharma a few years ago was somebody that was recommended to me by my neighbor. My sister found one of her last jobs by talking to a friend of her husband.

So I will repeat one more time: if you are not networking, you are not working. And it is not only to find a new job. You can have a nice chat with a friend from your local football team to find out that they rent a nice house for a good price in Canary Island where you always wanted to go. Or like in my case, you can just step into a small shop in a French village as you saw that the owner was pretty sad and start talking to him and find out that he also likes to play Fifa  and start playing together online.

Good luck and remember: never give up. Looking for jobs is very hard, but you can make it.

"This business is all about relationships. The guy who whitens my teeth is a cousin of the guy who does my Hair implants and his Sister-in-Law does my Botox."



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