What matters during interviews?

Summer time is supposed to be pretty calm in the recruitment world. Many managers and candidates are on holiday, people seem to be more relaxed and do not have hiring fever…

This summer is different, many things are happening not only in my company but also in my friend’s lives – they get at least a couple of interviews. As I want to guide you in the interview process, I invite you to read the article below:


It is written by Mrs. Samantha McLaren who, like she mentions on her LinkedIn profile, is “Editorial Lead & Copywriter by Day, Horror Critic by Night”. 

Samantha mentions that 92% of people hiring think that soft skills are more important then hard skills. She also mentions different interview techniques to check candidate’s skills e.g. behavioral questions, situational questions, projects, technical questions and even reading body language. Later on she gives some tips to people who are hiring, how to check people’s soft skills.

I invite you to read this article so you can be in hiring manager’s head for a little bit. There are many techniques of checking candidate’s knowledge and soft skills. One thing you should not forget is… to be yourself. Interviews are very artificial, not only for the interviewees but also for the interviewers. Of course, we have to prepare for them. But it does not mean we should have a sort of script that we should learn by heart. We should be comfortable with answers to some typical questions and we should know the STAR method, but we also should not pretend we are somebody else. If we have a feeling the job/responsibilities are not for us, we should mention it straight forward.

For all other tips who are more specific and concern most of all behavioral interviews, I invite you to read my post which you can find by clicking on this link.

What is your experience with the interviews and interviewers? Where you already in hiring manager’s shoes? How did it go, was it difficult? Do you have any examples of interviews that surprised you? Please write a comment and let’s exchange some ideas, tips on how to be successful as a candidate but also as an interviewer. And… good luck with all the future interviews 🙂

Photos by Bored Panda and Reddit.