Working hard or looking for a job for a long time? Take a breather…

Dear Job seekers and those who habe jobs,

When working o looking for a long time for a job and you think you are getting obsessed… you are not alone.

During these small holiday I am spending outside Switzerland, I decided to tell you how important it is to have a break ftom everything… even from looking for jobs…

The article from The Muse which I posted below gives a few reasons why you should sometimes take a break from job seeking:

I really do believe that if we work too hard, even when we are unemployed and try to find a job, we can stop being efficient. We start repeating the same schema, even mistakes, and we fall into a trap. We might even start being depressed because of working too much on finding a job.

Doing a small break from work or from searching for a job will help us in reboosting our energy. We can even start being more creative at work or whilst looking for a job. In my case, when I was unemployed and was only looking for jobs in e-learning, taking small holiday allowed me to think about alternative solutions. This is how I ended up in technical recruitment – connecting my passion for geeky world and the eagerness of helping people. This is how I changed my attitude to recruitment even now. I decided yo also being involved in more training, e-learning and other projects when not wanting to be too repetitive when head hunting.

This being said, dear employees and those who did not find yet your dream jobs: go for holiday somewhere further from where you live, even if it is 100km and only for 4 days. It will make a difference, I swear to you. You will get back to work/job seeking with lots of many creative solutions to your questions.

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