How to plan and organize your job search?

Back from holidays, 9 days of doing absolutely nothing, just relaxing on the beach, playing Mario Maker 2 and reading a good book, it was not easy to get back on track at work.

What we have to remember at work but also when looking for a job, is to be organized. You could think that simple, repetitive sending of applications is not complicated and doesn’t require any support or organisational tools.  But you would be completely wrong.

Imagine you subscribed to 5 job portals, are in contact with 2 agencies and sent a couple of spontaneous applications. Suddenly you start getting some feedbacks, even from your applications that you sent in March or April. What can happen if you don’t track your job search? You can start talking on the phone with a recruiter and forget for which job you applied. This kind of situation creates a feeling that you are not professional or that you are applying to all available jobs. Moreover, the HR can think you are not organized and in many jobs being organized is a crucial skill.

How can you track your job search and how should you get organized when seeking for a new job or changing your career?

  1. Plan your job search before you start searching for a job. Seems logical but many people start their job search without realizing what they are looking for. Ask yourself some basic questions e.g. why are you looking for a new job/career change, which companies you would like to approach, would you like to have a permanent role or e.g. become a freelancer, what would you expect from a new company etc.
  2. Use a Job Search Tracker. You can create one on you own e.g. with an Excel Spreadsheet or using any online tracking tool. If you need anything more fancy, use some interactive Sheets available online e.g. the one propose by the portal TheMuse:
  3. When approaching e.g. agencies or recruiters, do not exaggerate. Don’t contact 10 agencies and HR people. Quality is better than quantity – choose 1 or 2 agencies you feel comfortable with.
  4. Make a list of companies that can benefit from your knowledge or in case of freelancing – list of clients.
  5. Do not forget about making a list of networking events, conferences or event emails/phone numbers of contacts that can help you in progressing with your job search.

Job seeking is not easy, especially after holidays when our head is full of summer memories and we are not focused on searching for new options in our career. Give yourself a little bit of time, print a favorite photo from your holiday and… start preparing your new well organized job search. Good luck to all of us coming back from holiday 🙂