LinkedIn features that make your profile more reliable

When talking about LinkedIn we focus a lot on the content of your profile, key words and how it should look like. But we forget about 2 LinkedIn features that make a difference: endorsements and recommendations. Both are equally important and the reasons are explained in this great article from LinkedIn Talent Blog:

As recently I wrote about LinkedIn but I might not have underlined the importance of both, I would like to underline it in this post. Endorsements matter, as they show your crucial skills – that is why choose them wisely. It is more important that you are endorsed by your colleague for your project management skills then by your friend from studies for your organizational skills. Do not get me wrong, organizational skills matter, but the context is different. If you organized some events during studies, it had less impact then coordinating real projects and being appreciated by your colleagues. Endorsements are also key words for the recruiters when looking for e.g. a good project manager.

Recommendations make our profile look more reliable. You should also choose appropriate people to give you recommendations. They should give concrete examples of your work, not only nicely talk about e.g. your project management skills but also say in which projects you participated and why you were good at it. I always recommend 2-3 recommendations per job. It is important to remind your colleagues (of course not in a pushy way) if you sent a recommendation request to them – some of them do not notice it. Do not be shy about asking for a recommendation when you and the person recommending you knows you well and likes working with you. Do not be afraid of asking your colleague to change the recommendation little bit if it doesn’t emphasize your skills and especially when you see… misspellings in it.

Both endorsements and recommendations will create a decent, authentic and employer-friendly profile which will help you to get noticed, create more network and in the future find a new  challenge.