Small-world network

As my husband is a scientist, I also need to show my nerd nature from time to time and discuss the recruitment world via some geeky comparisons.

A small-world network is a mathematical graph that shows that even if we have nodes that are not neighbour nodes, somehow they are connected via different nodes. To day it in a simply way, we are all connected. I even read a survey that showed that our way to Beyonce is through three of our connections. If you like maths or geek world, more information about small-world network can be found under this link:

The reason why I am talking about this subject is that we should never forget, in whichever place of our career we are – job seekers, successful freelancers or stable corporate colleagues, we should never burn anybody’s bridges. Leaving your company for a new role is stressful for both the person leaving the company (a new challenge, feeling insecure, leaving nice colleagues) and their employer (losing a good employee). And when there is stress, there can be issues.

I witnessed many stressful goodbyes however hard I tried to avoid them. In the whole stress we should remember that at one point of our life we can be sure we will bump into our ex-colleagues or ex-bosses. That is why before starting any fight let’s count to 100 and think: “Is it really worth it?”. One of examples I would give you is one of my colleagues in Poland where I worked as a teacher. Nobody appreciated his attitude and didn’t want to cooperate with him. I was pretty neutral and even helped him with organizing some courses. After a few years… we met in Geneva and he was very helpful in giving me tips when I was looking for a new role.

I don’t want to say we live in the world full of milk and honey and it will always be friendly. But even if we had some clashes with our boss, colleague, manager… Let’s try to be positive and leave a good impression. Let’s not erase our LinkedIn connections, say bad things about our ex-employer (it looks bad also when you talk to your new employer). You never know when you meet them during your next… lunch, workplace, tennis tournament or dancing course.

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