Should you be emotionally compromised at work?

Every now and then I witness a situation when one of the candidates shows their emotions to me or other recruiters in a very strong way. They show disappointment, that they were not chosen in the recruitment process, they disagree if you give them a constructive feedback, they give very personal answers during the interviews…

As we are all Humans and not Vulcans, it is not possible not to show emotions in business at all. And I don’t even think it is nice to work among robots. But another extreme of showing strong emotions at work might be very destructive: to your teammates, it can destroy a long-term relationship that you built with your supervisors, colleagues or HR people. That is why I always repeat – before writing a disappointed email to your recruiter or dialing number to your manager whilst being angry, count to 10…

Spock is a good example of a Human/Vulcan heritage that we might want to follow. Excuse my nerd comparisons, but a golden mean is always the best option. I have some friends that e.g. participated in a recruitment process and are 120% sure they will be chosen to the role. First of all, we should never be sure. Everything can happen from budget cuts, worse day or just a bad feeling of one of the interviewers… Second of all, even if you feel that you were misjudged, don’t show anger to your interviewers. the best method is to show some arguments why you disagree but to do it as always in a hamburger method (good – bad – good message) and underlying your appreciation of their time during the interviews…

This being said, emotions are not always bad at the work place. If you are passionate about your work and you show your enthusiasm, engagement and optimism, it might thrive many projects and make you work in an efficient way. That is why we should use all our resources including emotions in a positive way.

There is a good article on the Forbes that shows some impact of emotions on your team’s members when they work on some projects, it is also worth reading it:

Emotions can be both negative and positive and we should be aware of both impacts and use them wisely. We should remember the recruitment world is very tiny. May you live long and prosper at your workplace and beyond it 🙂








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