Why should we hire you?

In one of my first posts I gave you some tips on how to answer interview questions. When I talk to some of my friends and practice before their interview, I noticed that the question “Why should we hire you and not another candidate” is pretty problematic for most of them. That is why I wanted to give this question a few thoughts.

I will start with things you should not say. I hear many answers. I appreciate the honesty but saying simply “I am very unhappy in my company, you need to hire me” or “I need more salary” are answers to avoid.

Participating in an interview puts all of us in an uncomfortable situation. We have to talk about our achievements and boast about it without being arrogant. Sometimes we have to explain our weakness but we must be careful that it doesn’t turn against us. We have to show motivation about this particular company without exaggerating. Before going to any interview, prepare why you should be chosen among many other candidates. Some of my tips would include:

  1. Doing a research about the company you are applying for. Which values you share? Is it an industry you would be particularly interested in? In my example, when applying to some of my jobs, I chose teaching as I love helping people or medical devices as it inspires me that my candidates could participate in improving people’s lives.
  2. Think what is exceptional about you that maybe other candidates don’t have. I was always told I have amazing networking skills and that everybody remembers me easily. It is something that I mention during interviews that allows me to show that I create great relationship with my managers or students.
  3. Be yourself. Don’t give an artificial answer that sounds great but is not true. If you say it was always your dream of working in the company or that you are a born manager but nothing from this is true, even if you are hired, you will be very unhappy in the role.
  4. Employers love problem solvers. When answering,  you can use your problem solving skills. You can mention an example from the interview and say how you would solve it e.g. “I understand in the company you would like to improve quality process. I find myself very qualified in continuous improved, I introduced… (here examples that prove you are qualified)”
  5. Always use examples of your skills. If you answer that you are perfect for the role and don’t give any proof of it, it will be hard to believe that you a good fit.
  6. Make a list of the achievements you are proud of. It is important to show your motivation by showing your passion about what you do.
  7. Prepare your pitch and practice. You can write it down the first time you have an interview, read it and practice. Remember to sound truthful.

Good luck! You know you have it. Just believe in yourself and show the interviewers that you are really a great person to work with 🙂